hey my name is sarah and i like dmb and feminism and lil bub and arrested development and the bugle and makeup and talking about sex. i say "like" and "literally" a lot and i am absolutely hilarious (hilarious i tell you) and i'm sure there's a few other things

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if u rub your boobs together it will start a fire

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Kelsey Weaver

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i thought i was the only horny sarcastic introverted genius third wheel stuck up asshole until i discovered this blue internet support group and i’ve been an active member of it since then

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my mom doesn’t like when i say “hella” because it has a bad word in it (lol) so now i’ve started saying hecka and i just sound like a total douchebag


sexual orientation: not u

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full time hoe online….very shy hoe irl

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An Infinite List of Favorite Collections - Krikor Jabotian S/S 2013 Haute Couture

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Sad? Disappointed? Draw offensive bunnies.


Sad? Disappointed? Draw offensive bunnies.

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Dior 2011 vs. Gauthier 2007 

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When I die turn my ashes into a text post

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